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Meet our Tattoo Artists...



Original owner and operator of Inflicting Beauty since 1994.


Services Performed:  Licensed Tattoo Artist, Body Piercer and Custom Leather Craftsman


"I was told I would never make a living at art!  At a very young age, before there were child labor laws, I started a tool and die apprenticeship. I learned a lot about technical math and drafting. I also developed the skills of a master leather carver and for many years sold my wares to Easyrider and other venues.  I started tattooing in 1975 to pay my tuition at the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute in Orlando, FL.  After school I decided to keep tattooing!"










Services Performed:  Licensed Tattoo Artist, Body Piercer, specializing in high-graphic color design, permanent cosmetics and medical tattooing.


"I have been part of the Inflicting Beauty family since 2006.  My career in the tattoo industry started in 1998. Over the past 10 years, I have also expanded my services to include permanent cosmetics and medical tattooing.  I have become a leader of these trades in my industry.

People always ask me how I landed in this profession, and honestly, I just fell into it! I went to my first “bike week” in Laconia, NH and ran away with the biker carnival!  I am all about serving—I GIVE MY CLIENTS 100% ALL DAY - EVERY DAY, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!"










Services Performed:  Licensed in Bad-ass Tattooing, also specializing in Pinstriping, Custom Hot Rod Art, Restoration and Painting.


"After a barefoot childhood on the mean dirt roads of the aluminum ghetto, formally known as “The Hammock,” I worked many terrible construction jobs followed by a 10 year career of building boats at Sea Ray.  My formal art training consists of painting the backside of the hammock Jiffy and the men’s room at Sea Ray.  Also, my granny was an exceptional artist and taught me a thing or two. Today I specialize in color, black & grey, portraits,  hot rod, old school, new school, and realism styles of tattooing.  Whatever you want, 'I Got This.'"












Services performed:  Licensed Tattoo Artist, specializing in comic book art, black and grey, new skool, and custom script writing.


"I was that kid in the back of the class who did nothing but draw. After spending most of my youth drawing, I decided to get my first tattoo and I was hooked! I apprenticed at Ink Pitt Custom Tattoo and dove in head-first to the world of body art. In 2010 I joined the team at Inflicting Beauty. I specialize in most styles of tattooing, my passion is comic book art."














Services Performed: Frequent guest, Licensed Tattoo Artist, Painter, Graphic Designer, Photo & Video


"I came to tattooing after many years as a visual artist in paint and photographic mediums, and after getting two art related degrees.  I love the collaborative aspect of tattooing... that you are always working with another person: their concepts, desires, and physiology.   Tattoo is an artform that requires me to spend time with people as I'm making an image.  Every client feels like a friend on some level, and that isn't always true when I'm just selling paintings or graphic design work.  I work hard to be able to do any style of tattooing my clients want, especially since I'm the only artist at my own shop in Haiti, "Ayiti Ink & Image".  Given creative freedom, I like to do realist tattoos, portraiture, graphic collage, and polka trash style tattooing."


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