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Body Piercing

Our standard for body piercing is simple:  we have skilled professionals that you can trust, and we only pierce with the highest-grade products available on the market.  We have several options of jewelry for you to choose from at different price ranges to fit your budget.  Our body piercing prices typically range from $35.00 – $75.00 per piercing. The price of your piercing depends on the starter jewelry you choose.  We pierce with only the finest quality of body jewelry available. Our starter jewelry is wear resistant, made to last, and biocompatible to reduce the risk of any allergic reaction. Once your piercing is healed, it is your business what grade of metal you choose to insert in your piercing, but as professionals, we ONLY recommend starting a new piercing with the highest-grade metals available. We carry a large assortment of high polished stainless steel and titanium.  We also have a large display of plugs, acrylic, fashion belly rings, large gauges and tapers to fit any of your cosmetic needs once your piercing is healed.

Meet our Piercer

Tahany Lopez is our expert body piercer.  She will help you select the appropriate jewelry for your piercing and she will walk you through the process and explain everything you need to know about aftercare for your piercing.  She is great at helping our clients have a safe, informed, and fear-free piercing experience.  Tahany has got you!