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Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup services offered include:

Eyeliner, Lipliner, Full lips, and Eyebrows.


Each procedure begins with a consultation to help you understand the process and to help us know exactly what you are hoping to have done.   Consultations are free and require no commitment.  Appointments can happen the same day as consultation or at a time that is more convenient for you depending on availability of our artists.   Procedures include the use of topical anaesthetics to reduce pain.  During your consultation you will be able to talk to your artist about pain reduction and aftercare requirements.  Aftercare procedures will be reviewed after your first appointment as well.


Once the initial application is completed and given ample time to heal, we require that all permanent makeup clients return for a follow-up appointment to ensure that your pigments are properly saturated and have healed according to plan.  Sometimes this is as simple as a follow up consultation, but usually involves slight retouches to account for ways in which swelling or aftercare procedures have impacted your makeup.  On rare occassions a third appoinment may be needed, but these follow up appointments don't usually require further payment unless they are adaptations on the originally agreed upon desired outcome.  


For up to date pricing and more information, please visit us in person for a consultation.